2012, Here we come!

I am someone who embraces resolutions (not like my mother). Why not start out the new year making some promises to yourself? The key is not to make too many, and not to make them unattainable.

While I do have an ever-expanding list of general goals (keep the house cleaner, do laundry every day, plan homeschool better, exercise a lot more), I have two specific goals for right now.

First, I am participating in Julie F. Hedlund’s 12×12 in 2012 challenge. The goal is to write a draft of a picture book every month in 2012. It’s an extension of PiBoIdMo, and I had so much fun doing that, so I’m really excited about 12×12 in 2012.

Second, I am starting off the first 21 days of 2012 by eating the way I’m supposed to. I was going to do the Whole Living cleanse, but then I looked at it more carefully and realized that it doesn’t really include proteins (or, barely, solids) for the first week, and that seems like a bad plan for a nursing mom. So, I’m picking and choosing parts from it, like:

  • no processed foods
  • no added sugar (meaning no chocolate, but yes fruit)
  • no alcohol
  • no caffeinated coffee (ha! I can flippantly jump into this one because I haven’t had caffeinated coffee since December 2002)
  • no dairy
  • drink a lot of water
  • do it all for 21 days

They also say “no wheat” and then say that if you haven’t given up wheat before, you should try, because you might feel more energized. That’s fine. But I have given up wheat before, and I felt awful.

Whole Living also says you should be hungry at certain points during the day. That your stomach should rumble at least four times a day. I’m trying to embrace this too. I’m generally home all day, which means that often, if I get the teensiest bit hungry (or if I’m bored, or avoiding doing something annoying), then I eat. That stops now.

The other component I’m bringing to it is that I know how to eat well, I just choose not to sometimes. So I’m going to be cooking a lot less kid-friendly white pasta, and making more stir fries and squash and stuff like shiitake fried rice and barley risotto. And everything Mark Bittman recommends today in his “semi-vegan” article in the New York Times magazine.

What about you? Do you have any goals for 2012?

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