Awesome Goodwill Score

I managed to score an Anna Sui for Anthropologie dress, in my size, at our local Goodwill. For $7!! Judging by the closest style currently at Anthropologie, this dress cost somewhere around $250 new. Of course, I won’t actually be able to wear it for about three years, until I finish nursing. If I wore it right now I’d have to completely undress in order to feed Zuzu.

Do you like how I got all Anthropologie here, with the purple embroidered cardigan (also a Goodwill score from last year), and pretending to drink coffee from a bowl? I don’t have any of those funky ankle-strap heels the Anthropologie models are usually sporting, so I Sundanced it up a bit with my boots (alas, not at all a Goodwill score).

And do you think I should maybe be spending a little less time poring over catalogs?

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