Body + Soul Challenge, Day 10

Well, the thing that has become most abundantly clear from this Body + Soul Challenge thing is that I am addicted to chocolate. I think there was one day where I didn’t have any chocolate. And although I started the Challenge by having one square of chocolate per day, I’ve upped that a bit in the past week. I’m trying, really I am. But it’s the only caffeine I have. I do my best to make it to 11:00 a.m. before having any, and sometimes I make it until 2:00. And I’m not proud of the fact that often I plot when the children are going to be occupied and out of the kitchen so I can sneak some, and that if you substituted “alcohol” for “chocolate” in the above scenario this would not be comical at all but would be cause for real alarm. I do at least make sure it’s all dark chocolate (so it’s medicinal! *hic!*). But I realize pretending that a handful of dark chocolate chips mixed with a handful of nuts doesn’t make it a healthy snack (or…does it?).

Otherwise, I’m doing fine on food. I actually ate ok already. This week is all about cutting out bad foods and substituting good ones (like healthy proteins instead of big burgers) and it’s been a breeze because it turns out I was already doing all the good things.

And I haven’t done real exercise (except the stupid piddly walk to school and hacking at the ice) in a few days, but I’m feeling like I want to, so that’s a good thing. I ordered a pair of running sneakers this weekend, after having the fun and somewhat silly errand of going over to Scott‘s house and running on his treadmill so he could do a gait analysis (and yes, he did burst out laughing as soon as I started running) (he was kidding). And then he very helpfully browsed the shoe possibilities at Runner’s Warehouse and chose a pair for me. All this for a package of quinoa (it seemed like the most logical barter).

I got a pilates DVD out of the library but haven’t done it yet. Which is why I got something out of the library before buying anything, because I wasn’t sure if I’d actually do it. Dave also helpfully set up the bike trainer in the basement, but I haven’t done that yet either. I will, I promise (especially now that I’m writing it here for all the world to see). I inter-library-loaned a few other exercise DVDs, because, besides the pilates DVD, the library here has the lamest exercise video collection in the world. There were only two other DVDs and they were (I’m not joking) Belly Dancing and Tai Chi for Beginners. I know Belly Dancing can be a real workout, but I thought I’d stick with more of a known quantity before I went out on any kind of branch.

The other thing is that I realize that as soon as you are really, honestly, totally ready to make a change, it happense pretty quickly. I’ve lost a few pounds now, and I think it’s all been from the mental shift of, “Ok, it’s time to have my clothes fit me again.”

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