Children’s Book of the Week: Beware of the Frog

Beware of the Frog by William Bee

One more monster book, even though Halloween was two days ago.

This book was a total surprise, because Henry got it at his school library. It made us all laugh hysterically; I love everything about it: the story, the phenomenal illustrations, and the way the words are put together.

Basically, poor dear old Mrs. Collywobbles lives at the edge of a dark scary forest, with no protection other than her pet frog. All manner of horrid beasties try to attack her, scoffing at the “Beware of the Frog” sign on her front gate. And they are all summarily eaten by the frog. Gobble! The best part (other than saying “Collywobbles” repeatedly) is the way the monsters are drawn. They’re like Hipsters Gone Horribly Wrong. They all have ridiculous facial hair, and accessories, like belts and backpacks and chic knit caps. They also have fun little catch-phrases, like “Nickerty-noo, nickerty-noo, if I get a chance, I’ll steal from you” and “Welly-welly, welly-welly, I’m awfully slimy and awfully smelly.”

And so the frog eats them all, and then Mrs. Collywobbles wants to thank him and oh my goodness, it does not end how you’d expect at all. Hilarious. I will definitely be seeking out more books by William Bee.

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