Children’s Book of the Week: The Mighty Street Sweeper

The Mighty Street Sweeper by Patrick Moore

The first time we got The Mighty Street Sweeper out of the library, I thought, “This is exactly what a library is for. Nobody actually buys a book about street sweepers for heaven’s sakes. Here is a book that can satisfy a random offshoot of Eli’s transportation love. This is what the library is for.” The fifth time we got The Mighty Street Sweeper out of the library, I thought, “This little street sweeper is sort of growing on me.” The twelfth time we got it out of the library, I asked my mom to get it for Eli for Christmas.

It’s just one of those books that sneaks up on you, and suddenly you find that you are referencing it in your marital conversations (“Why are we always just the street sweeper in our relationships with the outside world, and never the mining truck?”), not to mention screaming, “STREET SWEEPER STREET SWEEPER!” when you see an actual real live street sweeper on the street.

The basic premise here is that the street sweeper is a small truck, nothing compared to pavers or freight trucks or boom pumps, but that the street sweeper has an important job and is really the only truck that does clean the streets. I think you could dig around for some message about doing what you do well, and being your own self. Or you could just enjoy this nice book about street sweepers. It’s your call. Either way, a vehicle-loving kid will be happy.

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