Dinner: savory pattycakes

Lately I’ve been kind of obsessed with making savory vegetarian burgery cake things for dinner. I don’t know where this came from, but every time I see a recipe and accompanying photo in a magazine, it looks like the best thing ever to me. They’re never quite as amazingly delicious as I think they will be, but they are good, and the best part is that you can mix it all up in the morning and then just pan-fry them at dinnertime, serve them with some broccoli or on a salad, and you’re done.

I made chickpea patties (sort of like smooshed falafel, and recommended for the Greek yogurt dressing that you make to go with it), corn cakes (pictured), and millet cakes, which prompted the following conversation when the children wouldn’t eat them (shock of the century there, I know! don’t all kids love millet cakes?):

Julie: C’mon guys, eat your millet cakes!
Dave: I think that in order for them to like millet cakes you really have to have brought them up eating them.
Julie: What are you talking about? They’re children now! See them there, with the millet cakes on their plates? That’s me, bringing them up eating millet cakes!
Dave: You needed to start even earlier.
Julie: Well. I like them.
Dave: They’re the best millet cakes I’ve ever eaten.
Julie: Hush.
Dave: You guys want me to make you chicken nuggets?
[General screams of relief and love from the boys. Zuzu, who at 10 months old, is, in fact, being brought up on millet cakes, ate her darn millet cake, thank you very much. Ok, she ate a weensy part of it. Still.]

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