Etsy: CocoBijou

Oh my goodness I love this Etsy shop. I know it’s just one of those Julie things, so maybe you feel differently, but when I look at the jewelry here I think everything in it is beautiful and perfect. But I have a thing for simple silver things, and hammered silver, and organic circles, and Nicole at CocoBijou clearly does too.

It all started when I got this idea in my head when I was pregnant with Zuzu that I needed three stacking rings to wear after she was born, sort of like modern Mom jewelry that doesn’t feature a mother and child embracing or giant pendants with the names of my children and their birthstones. I finally settled on the Three Sisters rings (above right), and I have to say I love them. And Nicole was super nice and patient about my insane end-of-pregnancy emails wondering whether the rings I had ordered and received would fit me after I gave birth and wasn’t all bloated (they were fine, and how on earth was she supposed to know?). And I just got the Triple Sterling Chandelier Earrings (middle above), and those are also perfect in every way.

Other droolworthy items: the turquoise ring pictured above left, the simple hoop earrings, the La Luna wide band, and the brilliant circles necklace that you can wear clustered together or dangling in a row. I love how everything is simple but not at all boring, and is also very cool and bold, because I don’t do well with teensy jewelry (let’s face it, my head is kind of huge, and I’m not flat-chested, and teensy things just look silly on someone like me). ANYWAY. I love this stuff. You will too.

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