Etsy: Eternally Chic

May 24, 2009

Oh my goodness, I just love that there are people on Etsy who are tooling leather belts, and especially that Eternally Chic is doing them in these gorgeous 1970s designs that I seriously think I’ve been searching for in thrift shops for roughly my entire life. I am in love with these belts. (What is wrong with me that I’m in love with belts?) They are fairly pricey ($99 for the butterfly one on the left above) but she is, you know, hand tooling a leather belt, which I’m sure you can’t crank out in 20 minutes or anything. Check out the belt above on the right, also, which is a kid’s belt — how great is that? I love these.


One response to “Etsy: Eternally Chic”

  1. Clog says:

    I still owe you a birthday present. If you want one of these let me know.

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