Forty = fancy

March 31, 2011

Today, friends, I am forty years old. Hurrah! A birthday, and so: Why not dress up? I mainly blame the subscription to Lucky that Sutswana somehow got, and which she passes on to me. It makes me want to be just slightly more chic. You’d think it would also make me want to wear wedge sandals, but it doesn’t. Maybe this is because I am all mature and 40 and everything.

I apologize for making you all turn your heads. For some confounded reason, I can’t get this photo to rotate. I am not a computer idiot. It keeps saying it’s rotated, but it forgot that I have eyes and can see that it’s still sideways. Maybe I am so sleep deprived that even photos of me try to lie down.

So I pulled together this outfit, wearing one of my most favorite skirts, bought at the Gap on a post-birth wardrobe overhaul with Zeile about seven years ago. It goes well with this new Target cardi, non? I should dress up more often. It was fun. But I also need some nice flats. I put on jeans at noon because I couldn’t feel my toes anymore. Do women really wear heels every day? Maybe I’ll get some espadrilles like Liz.

And that’s way more about fashion than about turning 40. I kind of like the idea of being 40. A new start! Now I am officially a grown-up, and will be responsible, work hard, and clean my toilet without expecting praise for it.

Today’s birthday is also exciting because I finally made the salted chocolate tart that my cousin Christina recommended two years ago. I’m pretty excited about it. I haven’t added the salt yet because I know I’m going to be the only one who wants the salt, and I don’t feel like dealing with the grousing. Let’s have my birthday be the day where no one complains about the food I put in front of them.


20 responses to “Forty = fancy”

  1. susan says:

    Happy birthday, Julie!!! You look barely 30 and gorgeous to boot! Put salt on your tart and let them eat cake. xoxoxo Susan

  2. Julie says:

    Thank you Susan! You are very sweet. And salty. 🙂

  3. Liz says:

    aw, you look lovely, julie! and i feel much cooler now that you’ve joined me in the 40s. that kind of makes no sense, but i hope you know what i mean. also, i LOVE that sideways look ramona is giving you in the sideways photo. she is going to be a girl with a peculiar and fabulous sense of humor, i predict. also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  4. Julie says:

    Forty is cool, Liz, really, it is. I just know it. And Ramona already has a fairly sophisticated and well-developed sense of humor, at least from my completely objective perspective.

  5. Anne says:

    Dayum! I hope I look that awesome when I’m 40. Oh, wait…

    Happy birthday! XOXOXOXOXO

  6. OttosMom says:

    Happy Birthday! You look amazing. I love that skirt. I have one from Theory that is similar and approximately the same age. It must have been a good year for skirts. And your kiddos are cuteness. And that tart looks awesome so if they wanna grouse I say you hog it up for yourself.

  7. Mary Grace says:

    You do look fab and I LOVE that you call those heals! This whole post is such a treat – the picture of Romona eyeing you like that – and you so tired you’re lying down in a picture. Ahhhhh. Happy b-day friend. You are a woman of many gifts!

  8. Julie says:

    I know, MG, I realized when I looked at them in the photo that they don’t really qualify as heels. But in my world, they do. And, whatever they are, I couldn’t feel my toes.

  9. emily says:

    Hi! Try Kork-Ease:

    it comes in a flatter version too – quite femme but still you feel flattish. also dansko does some good stuff too that my most-ever stylish friend holly recommended to me last year and I was too dumb to follow her advice and am now pining for them:

    the ones she was pointing me towards were off-white. I’ve seen a few women in the city in these wonderful grasshopper green patent ones and wanted to rip them off their feet. now they don’t sell them anymore. I know in the picture they look a little german-physical-therapist-in-1978, but really they get east village chic with just a little tilt of the head if you want to!

    here’s what holly (she in the big leagues of shoe fashion) is lusting after this summer:

    rediculously pricey, but pretty!

  10. Julie says:

    Em, I had a pair of Kork-Ease knock-offs right after college, and I wish I’d known how perpetually in fashion they would be before I got rid of them. I keep looking at Goodwill, since there seems to be someone with size 8 feet who buys great shoes and then never wears them but just donates them to Goodwill for me to buy. It seems like shoes like this will look ridiculous next year, non? And so silly to buy new, unless you live in NYC like you do and your daily outfit might be blogged about or something.

    Also, re: these shoes: straps across the front of my ankle make me look like a stump. They work on a lot of people, but they are to be avoided on my legs at all costs.

  11. Julie says:

    Also, re: shoes: I just ordered these French Sole flats which I’m hoping will solve all my flats-needs. But I guess Lucky is telling me I also need something that’s a platform. I just can’t keep up. Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for the perfect opportunity to wear the Camper heels I got at Goodwill so long ago. Ask Holly what I’m supposed to do with them. I tried them on with yesterday’s outfit and they looked all wrong. But I love them so much, I really want to wear them. I just can’t figure out HOW.

  12. What a perfect day to visit you for the first time! Happy birthday! 😀
    Wear what you want. You invented the ‘look’ and therefore it is valid. Whose rules are they, anyway?

  13. Anne says:

    I’d just wear those Campers with jeans.

    I’ve been wanting Korkease for at least four years, so I think I might just get them this year. I had them in sixth grade and felt like a rock star in them.

  14. Liz Woodbury says:

    i wish i hadn’t just clicked on all of those shoe links — now i am having severe shoe lust. despite my cheapo espadrilles which truly make me happy.

  15. Julie says:

    Anne, I’m not quite sure I can get my mind around heels with jeans. Do any of you really wear heels with jeans? really? I am so far behind.

    I want the Swedish Hasbeens just because they’re called Swedish Hasbeens.

    I have a really lustful desire for the Kork-Ease, but I’m not sure what I’d wear them with. Would I need a whole new wardrobe?

  16. Liz Woodbury says:

    ooh, sparkly! i think you could wear the kork-ease with a swingy skirt, or even your birthday skirt. i’m not that crazy about heels and jeans. whenever i see people in portland wearing them, i assume they’re from somewhere else. also, they always look tottery and awkward and not that comfortable. or something.

  17. Robyn says:

    Okay…will not even begin to look at shoes, even though you all have tempted me more than salted chocolate (did you salt your piece(s)?).

    You look lovely (as ever), unchanged to my eyes.

    And that skirt: could have sworn it’s this season’s Boden (and the very one I want!).

    Happy 40s. Glad to have you.

  18. Julie says:

    So I just read in the very informative and intellectual “In Style” magazine that Swedish Hasbeens are going to be at H&M after April 20. I’m getting in line for the red sandals (well, not really getting in line, but I will probably swing by the store and see if they have them in two weeks).

  19. Mo says:

    Belatedly saying I ADORE your outfit and am craving salted chocolate like you can’t believe (except that you probably can).

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