Fun Mom Makes a Rare Appearance

I find that kids think it’s hilarious if you act like an idiot. The other day I was in a pretty good mood, and the boys were on the kitchen counter and wanted cinnamon milk. Cinnamon milk is a drinkable concoction they created that contains — are you ready? — cinnamon and milk. It’s their version of chocolate milk, I guess. So I poured out the milk, and then suddenly decided to be a fun mom.

“What do I add next?” I asked. They told me to add cinnamon. I took out the baking powder. “Cinnamon!” I announced. “Nooooo!” they screamed. I took out the corn starch, the cumin, the salt, the vanilla, and they laughed harder each time, as I continued to act like a cinnamon-stupid buffoon. I finally brought out the cinnamon, and then pretended I didn’t know how to open it, tapping it against the counter like an egg, trying to shake it into the glasses without taking the top off. They were literally shrieking with laughter and I felt like a rock star.

Finally, cinnamon milk was made, and I started to do the dishes. “You were being funny!” Henry said with appreciation. “I know,” I said. Then, in perfect unison, they both said, “Why were you being funny?” The unspoken context was totally, “Because usually you’re a top-notch bitchqueen.” Sigh.

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