Get those forks ready!

photo by Vickis Nature

photo by Vicki's Nature

When Dave and I lived in Maryland, we used to have a Stretch Your Stomach party on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, the idea being to prep your belly for the upcoming Thursday gorge-fest, and also to have a relaxed gathering free of any familial angst or baggage. This year, we suddenly realized that our neighborhood is now fully populated with like-minded folks and small children*, and so we are reinstating the first Stretch Your Stomach party in many years. Because I’m all about the party where you only have to walk 300 feet to get there (or to get home) (though I’ll already be home, so that’s even better).

I’m only telling you this now so that you, too, can have a few days to plan your own SYS party for this weekend. Make it a potluck, let the kids run free, and eat eat eat!

*This sort of makes it sound like the small children are separately living on their own. They are, in fact, the children of the like-minded folks.

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  1. Sarah November 21, 2008 at 10:31 am

    Wish we could come. Definately my kind of party!

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