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  1. Chris Grasse December 28, 2008 at 8:18 am

    I call it a “floating base.” When people donate used computer items for me to redistribute, I am free to “place” them (put them back out into the community again) any time I wish. I can freecycle them right here in South Portland, I can combine them into a different computer system and give that away… but my point is: it is a “floating base” of donated items, always. The items keep changing, in other words. I have discovered if I “place” a single item such as a laser printer, suddenly I have four feet of shelf space for six other items and I can then see them better which keeps them on my mind for putting them out soon into new homes. If I treat my “base” as permanent, everything stops. It quickly turns into simply gathering and hoarding. Stuff piles up. Disaster. But by remembering this concept of a “floating base,” I am always glancing through things, finding two or three items which can be moved along out of the basement (where everything is kept), and that makes for less clutter and stagnant ownerships; therefore, I entertain a more relaxed and peaceful state of mind. The one other thing I always do is stick a label on the facing side of anything in a box so I can scan-read my inventory in about four seconds at any given moment. I am hoping these ideas will help you or anyone who is serious about clutter management. – Submitted by Chris Grasse in South Portland.

  2. Julie December 28, 2008 at 3:30 pm

    Hi Chris! I’m not surprised you have a system going on, considering the number of things that you’re moving through your house at any given time. My problem is that it’s not so readily identifiable as a floating base (good term!) because it’s things like toys, which are in many ways a floating base, but the inventory needs to be secretly moved out of the house when no one else is watching.

    I do really like the concept of viewing it all as temporary, though, and then it’s easier to move it out. That once you view it as permanent, it becomes glued to the shelf.

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