Goodwill scores from the past few months

I’ve had some Goodwill luck lately, and have wanted to tell you all about it, but I must have been waiting until last week, when I got the best thing ever from Goodwill (the last thing in the post). Since I’m pregnant, all truly excellent Goodwill scores have been accessories. I have gotten some maternity clothes, but they are nothing to blog about, believe me. And I have gotten some good kid clothes, though again, nothing outrageously exciting. Except maybe this outfit for Zuzu:

Psychedelic pink and green jumper dress, soft pink felty jacket with giant flower buttons. Handful of drinking straws and brother placing recycling on her head were not included.

Here’s something that is maybe completely crazy, but I do really love them:

When in my life I’m going to wear these, I’m not sure. They’re from Camper, and they’re pink leather with a big olive green rubber heel and overwrap thingie. Plus that giant elastic strap. They might be insane. I don’t know why I love them so much. They are incredibly comfortable, somehow. And I keep thinking that at some point in my life I’ll have a job where maybe I’ll have to/want to dress up but can still be kind of funky. At the very least, I think I can wear them with the Goodwill Anthropologie dress. These cost $7.20. I think they’d be somewhere around $150 new.

More shoes:

Excellent black clunky John Fluevog F Shoes. Now, I totally know why someone gave these up. They’re not very comfortable. They’re the first shoes I’ve had in ages that actually need to be broken in. But! I think that they can be broken in, and then they’ll be fine. Right now they’re just a bit stiff. And hard to get on. But they totally fill a niche in my shoe closet, because my 12-year-old black Dansko clogs died a very sorry death (the entire sole came off), and these are perfect for rainy days when you need to be elevated above the puddles a bit. They also cost $7.20, and looks like they’d be, I don’t know, at least $170 new.

This bag:

This one’s maybe a little harder to judge the awesomeness from the photo. It’s a purple suede Tignanello bag. It’s kind of slouchy, with lots of excellent compartments and pockets inside, and was just what I needed to feel somewhat fashionable over the past few months despite my burgeoning girth. It has become my everyday bag. Love it! Yet another thing that was $7.20. Probably $100 new?

And finally. Oh, this is my favorite Goodwill thing ever, I tell you. I’m not sure I can fully explain the magic of finding these. I have wanted these boots for years, really! I have an eBay search that alerts me to when they are up for sale on eBay! Just last week I was watching a pair that ended at over $100. And so then, to see them there, in Goodwill, looking brand new, and in my size (I probably would have bought them if they were two sizes too big, I tell you!), well, I just about fainted. Here they are:

Hanna Andersson embroidered black suede boot clogs. IN MY SIZE. $9.00. $9.00! I would have paid three times that! Or more! I still can’t believe it. I literally started to get a little teary-eyed, and then started quietly and manically laughing. And then hid them in my cart under a bunch of newborn onesies, just to make sure none of the other people who were in Goodwill had also been coveting these very same boots since 2007. I love them so much I can’t even tell you. Right now I just have them on display in the hallway because they are such works of art.

The day after I got them, I was wearing them (of course), and Dave and I had this conversation:

Dave: Nice boots! [he had seen them the day before, but knew I’d want them to be noticed]
Julie: Do you like them?
Dave: Yeah, I do.
Julie: I still can’t believe it. I mean, I know you don’t care about shoes or shopping, but can you understand HOW LONG I’ve wanted these EXACT boots, and then to find them at Goodwill? It’s like God put them there for me.
Dave: God was giving you a pregnancy present, maybe.
Julie: I got boots from God for being pregnant! Oh, though I guess most people would say that the BABY is the gift from God. But I still want the boots.

Goodwill, I love you.

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