Ideas wanted for coupon organization system

I like to clip coupons. It feels very satisfying to find a coupon for a product we actually use. So I cut out the coupon, and I put it into a little bin in my kitchen. Sometimes, before I go shopping, I go through the bin to see if there are any coupons for the things on my list. That happens about once a month. When I do that, I also throw away the 25 expired coupons.

Sometimes I’m at the store buying something, ricotta cheese or chicken sausage, that I know I have a coupon for at home.

Something about this process tells me that it’s not the best way to go about this. I’ve considered some of the coupon holder things I saw on Etsy, but I can’t really get my head around how to make it work. I’d love to find something that organized the coupons by category and also fits into my purse, so I don’t have to remember to shlep some giant binder or box with me (or, also, so I don’t have to grocery shop with a mess of kids and a giant binder).

One of you must have some kind of better system. Right? Please?

Ok, well, I was pulling in a photo of one of the envelope-type coupon holders that I had seen, when I found Austin Artisan, who has dozens of coupon organizers which are exactly what I was looking for: compact, divided into sections, and cute. So I won’t feel like some crazy old lady pulling out a coupon organizer. As if I’m not already enough of a crazy old lady for thinking the thought: “Oh! I am so excited about this coupon organizer!”

I still want to hear about any of your coupon systems, though.

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