Madcap Capers

[Preliminary note to Anne: prepare yourself for capers.]

Zuzu is obsessed with the refrigerator (in the manner of all crawling babies since refrigerators were invented) (before that crawling babies were obsessed with the root cellar). If I open it, she moves across the room in half a second, flings the door wide, and starts exploring. Sometimes I move her away and close the door, which of course causes her to whine and shriek at the indignity. Other times, I’m sorry to say, I am too tired to deal with it, and I just leave the fridge door open and watch the ozone hole erode further while she investigates the door condiments.

It was on just such a day when I not only let her explore, but, I believe, actually left the room for a while. When I returned I found her sitting proudly on the floor, having opened the capers and spilled out a small snack pile (see photo, by her right foot, the thing that looks like a lizard turd). She ate them all and never made a face or anything. That’s my girl!

[Postliminary note to Sarah: do you like how I took all the clothes you gave me and put them on Zuzu at once, in a way that makes no sense? I’m still figuring out how to dress a girl.]

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