My first finished knitting in more than four years

Well, my recent dive back into knitting has produced its first finished object: a scarf made out of Patons Pooch.

It’s pretty fuzzy and cuddly. Zuzu picks it up and holds it while sucking her thumb if her blankie is unavailable. Henry has been wearing it as a belt. I started this scarf years ago, and I remember buying the yarn, but I’m not sure what exactly my mindset was. I mean, it’s nice, I guess, but it kind of looks like Muppet vomit. Were scarves like this trendy a few years ago? I’m having a vague memory of a fuzzy scarf craze a few winters ago when I started this scarf. Patons Pooch is now discontinued, which says: a) I started knitting this scarf in 1843, and b) no one liked this yarn so they stopped making it.

So there’s the scarf. I’m sorry, what? Why is Eli wearing a dress? Because they were playing castle and someone needed to be queen. Sheesh, do you even need to ask?

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