New review: hello! hello!

Oh, boy, is this book amazing. You may remember my intense love for Matthew Cordell’s Another Brother. I was so excited to read Cordell’s new book, hello! hello!

This book…oh, this book. I’m kind of speechless about how awesome it is (well, not THAT speechless, since my review today on Brain Burps is one of my longest ones ever). It’s a beautiful book, visually, but it’s also timely and, frankly, very very important. It’s a book about lifting your head up from all those electronic devices and really seeing the world again. Remember trees? Remember people? Real people, in front of you? Remember your kids? Hello!

I will also say that I recorded this review at 8:00 pm on election night, as an effort to get myself to stop maniacally refreshing twelve different web pages of election results. So if there’s a slightly crazed, hysterical edge to my voice in this review, that’s why. Another little funny thing for you to listen for is that I inexplicably didn’t start gesturing until halfway through, and you can hear me start talking a lot more animatedly. Yes, I even talk with my hands when I’m all alone recording reviews for you to hear.

Check out the review on the latest Brain Burps podcast, which is an interview with the amazing Tony DiTerlizzi, who is an incredible illustrator, and co-author of the Spiderwick Chronicles, which are my favorite kidlit chapter books set in Maine.

One last (important!) thing. If you buy hello! hello! by November 30, 2012, Matthew Cordell will send you ALL KINDS OF STUFF. He’s so cool. Check out his blog post here about all the cool art and things he’ll personally send you if you have a receipt that proves you bought the book!

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  1. Elizabeth Rose Stanton November 14, 2012 at 2:48 pm

    Hi Julie! What a wonderful review of Matthew’s new book! I, too, as an ardent fan of Matthew’s, didn’t hesitate to buy “hello! hello”–and your review made my experience of it all the better (if that’s possible:)). I especially appreciate that you not only reviewed the content/intent of the book, but the design as well and– OMG! It never occurred to me to take the jacket off! MADE may day! Thank you for a brilliant review of a brilliant book!

  2. Julie November 14, 2012 at 3:18 pm

    Ha! Can’t believe you never peeked under the jacket! When I was showing this book off at the library yesterday, I felt like a magician, taking off the jacket.

  3. Julie Hedlund November 16, 2012 at 7:43 pm

    You are SO funny. Great review both here and on BBAB!

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