Painfully Slow and Incredibly Frustrating

No, it’s not the new Jonathan Safran Foer novel, it’s my internet and email issues since Fairpoint is finally making the Verizon-to-Fairpoint conversion. Or attempting to. I’m all caught in the crossfire, as are many others, it seems. My internet connection is veeeerrrrrry slow 90% of the time, and I can receive emails but can’t send them. So if you’ve emailed me recently, I probably did get it, but this is explaining why you have not received a reply from me. Sorry.

I called Fairpoint and they actually have a message saying, “Due to the high call volume, we can’t take your call.” Thanks. I guess it’s better than waiting on hold for hours. I am “live chatting” (i.e., having some kind of private online chatroom discussion) with a Fairpoint tech support person right this minute, and while he may be “live” he also appears to be “asleep” since I am doing the dishes and taking out the garbage in between what are certainly wildly unique questions of mine like, “What should my email settings be?”

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  1. Clog February 5, 2009 at 10:48 am

    I was surprised one morning when I immediately got a person on the Fairpoint tech support line. The only trouble was that I could not understand him — and he was not foreign — spoke ninety miles an hour and was borderline illiterate.

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