Pitching Your Manuscript: How and Why

The day after I recorded my class video with Julie Kingsley for The Manuscript Academy, I realized (with horror!) (or just annoyance) that I’d forgotten to talk about pitching. I almost called Julie and told her to come back so we could record more, but then decided, hey, I’ll do it myself. It’ll be a bonus video.

Pitching! It’s super important, and also kind of scary. In this video, I talk about five reasons you need to write pitches:

1. A pitch is a mission statement for your story.

2. If you are having trouble writing a pitch for your story, it means there’s a problem with the story.

3. A pitch gives you an answer to the question, “What’s your story about?”

4. You’ll need a pitch for social media pitch events.

5. Your agent and editor can use your pitch in submission letters and promotional materials.

And then I talk about the formula (SECRET FORMULA!) (or not secret at all, actually) I use for writing pitches, and give you some examples.

I hope this helps any of you pitchophobes out there. And if you like this video, you’ll love the class I did for The Manuscript Academy, which is me sitting on this same couch talking in the same way, but for way longer, and with better lighting and done with a much better camera.

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