Question for teachers about holiday gifts

Hey all you teachers out there: where do you prefer to get gift cards from? Target? Coffee shop? Bookstore? Liquor store?

I had good success last year getting the preschool teachers tote bags with Henry’s drawings on them from Cafe Press, but this year I feel like I don’t really want to add to the world’s clutter any more, and Henry’s teacher would probably rather have a gift card to just get what she actually wants (plus, of course, the requisite card saying how much I appreciate how Henry’s penmanship has improved and whatnot).

(A side note to say: What are people thinking when they give teachers apple-related tchotchkes? I remember one year going to Goodwill just after school ended and there was a huge set of shelves dedicated solely to displaying all the apple crap that teachers had Goodwilled. Do people think teachers really want this stuff? Like they think that teachers became teachers because of a love of apples or something?)

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