Random Product Endorsement: Frigoverre Glass Containers

Ok, so a few months ago Real Simple did an organizing thing on some woman whose fridge was a disaster. (I think I only know two people whose refrigerators aren’t disasters.) (I’m not one of them.) The article recommended getting Frigoverre round glass containers to hold produce that you wash and cut up when you get home from the store, so it’s ready to go. I somehow wasn’t particularly interested in that, but I was interested in the containers themselves, since our plastic food storage containers are falling apart, or had BPA in them, or were so old that I wasn’t sure if they had BPA in them or not.

Part of me wants to throw out all our usable plastic containers and start over with glass, but that seems wasteful. I did order a set of three square Frigoverre containers (square, of course, because everyone knows round containers waste space that you could have in the corners) (poorly constructed parenthetical bit, but you know what I mean). I love them! At first Dave complained that they were too heavy, but I think that was more a function of just being used to the lightweight plastic ones. The three sizes are perfect, and I love that you can reheat in the glass part — and put it in the dishwasher — without worries.

I also recently picked up some glass Anchor containers from Target (link is to a set from King Arthur Flour, but at the Target store you can buy individual pieces), and I like those too (especially because I got some very small ones which are good for leftover onion or tomato halves), but I like the Frigoverre lids better, plus that the glass is a little thicker.

One day I will have only glass containers. And I have an undue want for the Frigoverre glass jug, which would be perfect if I were squeezing my own orange juice or something, which I’m not. Although if by “squeeze my own” you mean “mix freezer can of orange juice concentrate with water” well, then, sometimes I do that, but not often enough to justify a new jug.

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