Today over at Brain Burps About Books I review Sergio Ruzzier‘s new book, Bear and Bee. Which I love. I love how it’s funny and sweet and lovely, and how it manages to be all these things in very few words.

I also mention the new book by Eve Bunting that Sergio Ruzzier illustrated, Have You Seen My New Blue Socks? which we also love. We had so much fun reading these that we had to go get our first Sergio Ruzzier fave: The Room of Wonders. You should get that one too. Have I told you before that William Steig is my most favorite children’s book author ever? I love The Room of Wonders for what it is, but I also really love its intense Steigishness — the feelings of desperation and hopelessness, and the blooming beauty of hope at the end.

I think I say the words “Sergio Ruzzier” 1000 times in this review. I felt pretty confident about it. I took Italian for three semesters and college and everything. Then I listened to Sergio pronounce his own name and I felt less confident. I could either go crazy full-on pronouncey, or just say it like the American girl that I am, and oh, neither seemed right, and it just felt weirder the more times I said it.  So you have that to look forward to.

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