Roasted Broccoli: Where have you been?

photo courtesy of JA Coulter

Ok, so maybe this will make you all just fall asleep from extreme boredom, because you’ve all been roasting broccoli for years. If you have, why on earth didn’t you tell me about it? Broccoli is our go-to vegetable, the one we serve five days out of seven. I steam it, sauté it, and occasionally microwave it, but until a few weeks ago had never roasted it. Then suddenly it seemed like all these “eat in season” lists were saying “and of course roasted broccoli” so I figured I might as well try.

And now! I roast the broccoli 90% of the time. Any time there’s something else in the oven, broccoli gets roasted. I got the recipe from The Amateur Gourmet, but once you make it once, there’s no need to consult any recipe (although I do recommend reading through his recipe for the fact that he calls it “The Best Broccoli of Your Life” and also for his advice on not washing the broccoli).

Basically, it’s this: heat the oven to whatever temperature you need anyway — the Amateur Gourmet does it at 425, but I’ve just put it in at the temp that the other thing in the oven needs. I’ve roasted it anywhere from 375 to 450, depending on biscuits or corn bread or squash or galette or whatever, and it’s always worked just fine. Cut the broccoli into big stalks (cut up like twice as much as you normally do! otherwise you will be sad, wishing you had made more!). Spread it on a pan, drizzle with a few tablespoons of olive oil, and throw in some slivered garlic.  Roast it for 20-30 minutes (depending on temperature), until it looks a little brown. Take it out, and toss it with more olive oil, some lemon juice, and, if you’re feeling especially decadent, parmagiana cheese. Or not. If the kids are biting at your ankles because they want to have dinner now, then it’s still amazingly tasty straight out of the oven.

I swear it’s like candy it’s so good.

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