Side-of-the-Road Finds: Refurbished

Remember when we got some desks on the side of the road? Dave took one look at them, shook his head, and grabbed his belt sander. I really had not intended for him to refinish them, but, well, he did, and they look awesome. He sanded and varnished the wooden tops, and then we scrubbed off the rust and spray painted the metal bottom part dark brown (since giving up coffee I can’t resist colors called things like “Espresso”). We put one on our back porch as a cocktail table:

And two are up in the boys’ room as an art table:

It was immensely satisfying to go through their old art desk, where everything was thrown inside in a jumble, and pull out the supplies and organize them. Ninety-eight percent of the pencils needed sharpening. I restrained myself from getting too anal and separating the different types of crayons, but I did make a box for crayons and short pencils, a jar for long colored pencils, a jar for paintbrushes, and a jar for the excellent Ferby pencils we love so much (they warranted their own jar because they’re an odd length compared to the others).

One desk is living in the shed for the moment, until we find a place for it, or until we finish off the attic and make it into a grander art space. We didn’t end up doing anything to the chairs Eli picked up on the side of the road; they were kind of gross and too far gone. They are currently involved in some kind of bizarre installation piece occuring on our lawn.

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