Signs of the Times

December 21, 2009

Cookie baking aftermath:

About to watch “Charlie Brown Christmas”:


6 responses to “Signs of the Times”

  1. Chris says:

    Absolutely love Henry’s shirt. Where can I get one?

  2. Julie says:

    Isn’t that a great shirt? Henry doesn’t really get the whole concept…he just thinks it means that we have to give him hugs. I got it off of eBay; it’s from Boden. It’s definitely one of Henry’s favorites (it was also one that, when I got it, I realized was really totally for me and I wasn’t sure he would ever want to wear it).

  3. Anne says:

    Sam used to have those PJs that Eli’s wearing. I loved those. Are they from Garnet Hill?

    This is very, very cute. And I was just thinking that Sam might like the CB Christmas Special. Did it go over well?

  4. Julie says:

    The train PJs are from L.L. Bean. They are actually Zuzu’s size now, but Eli loves them so much that he insists on wearing them.

    The thing I like best about the CB Christmas was that it’s less than half an hour long. But yes, all the kids loved it, and talked about it for a few days afterward.

  5. Kaia says:

    It’s been said before, but in the first pic, Zuzu totally looks like One Morning in Maine (where she loses her tooth and gets mud all over her face looking for it, etc.) Adorable!

  6. Julie says:

    Oh yeah, she totally does in that photo. She’s completely a mix of Sal just after she realizes her tooth is missing, and baby sister Jane wanting more ice cream cone.

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