Snappsy Updates

Work on Snappsy the Alligator (Did Not Ask to Be in This Book) continues to move forward. I am so excited at every step of the way! I just really feel so super lucky that I’m in this spot. My story about a normal alligator and a meddling narrator will someday be a real book that you can all read (and buy! you should buy it.).

Tim Miller is doing amazing things with the illustrations, and believe it or not we’re nearing a point where Things will start to happen. Things like cover reveals and the ability to pre-order (when I say “nearing a point” I mean “within the next nine months” but that is amazing to me — so close! really!). I’ve seen some of Tim’s illustrations and every one of them makes me scream, “I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!” I’m hoping I stop having this spontaneous reaction by the time the book comes out, or reading it aloud to classrooms and bookstores is going to be weird and time-consuming. ¬†Fall of 2015 is getting closer every day!

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