Summer jar so far

I’m sure you’re all desperate to know what’s been happening with our summer jar since we started it a little over a week ago. I will say that it’s odd how anxious I get each morning when we pull that day’s activity. But so far all has been great.

Day 1 we picked “Visit an art gallery.” Zuzu had her one-year doctor’s appointment, so we went gallery hopping afterwards. I have to say that I’ve never done this before, and we had a great time, and it did everything it was supposed to: on the drive home, I asked, “What did you learn about galleries?” and Henry said, “I learned that artists can have their own gallery and sell their own art, and that there are so many different kinds of art that people can make. Really cool art!” We went to four different galleries. When we walked into the first one, the Holly Ready Gallery (I love her paintings), Henry said, “This is really SMALL” which opened up the whole discussion on what a gallery is in the first place. The boys also loved Mainely Labs. Predictably. (How often do you get to meet not only the artist, but also the dog who’s in all the paintings?)

Day 2 the jar told us to try a new ice cream place, and we trekked over to Willard Scoops, which is not only a new ice cream place, but a new one in our very own town. I got Salt Caramel, Henry got Candy Shop (which had M&Ms in it) and Eli, a boy after my own heart, got Dark Chocolate (note that they had both Chocolate and Dark Chocolate flavors, and he picked the Dark Chocolate). Zuzu tried some of all of ours.

Day 3 was to hike Bradbury Mountain. This was the first of many outdoorsy summer jar things. I tried to overload the jar with outside exercise, since often the kids’ first inclination is to sit inside reading. And pretty much every time we’ve tried to get them to go on a hike on the weekends, they whine and demand to be carried. I was also nervous since it had been raining for a week without stopping. But trust the Wisdom of the Jar, I say, because it wasn’t raining, and the kids were randomly all happy about a hike, and when we got there they ran ahead of me and jumped up and down with excitement. So much so that I decided to skip our usual shortcut to the summit and took them on the longer route. It was an hour up (and, as other Bradbury Mountain hikers know, five minutes down), and it wasn’t until ten feet from the top that Eli said something about the hike being too long. Plus, Henry found a toad, and we all got to hold him (poor thing). I also took my two new favorite photos of the boys. I took the first picture, saw how glum they looked, and demanded they smile for the second one. Eli’s face in the smiling photo makes me laugh out loud every time I see it.

I forgot that there is a great playground at the end of the Bradbury Mountain hike, and that made it all even better. So Zuzu got to end the hike with one of her favorite activities.

Day 4 was to make a cardboard stool from Foldschool, and that needs its whole own post to talk about, next week some time. Once again trusting the Jar Wisdom, though, since it poured the whole day, making it a bad day for hiking, but a great day for being stuck inside making a cardboard stool.

Yesterday we got “Visit the Portland Museum of Art,” which also deserves its own post, so look for that coming up.

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  1. Kate June 26, 2009 at 11:47 am

    Love the mugging for the camera! Hugh and Ian keep making me show them the boys every time they come into the kitchen now that they’ve got some new pals. I love how Zuzu is holding onto the bucket of the swing. I’ve always loved seeing chubby little baby hands and fingers like that with my boys.

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