A few fashiony questions

August 4, 2009

Were shorts always so unflattering? I seem to have worn shorts in the past and not been completely horrified by my reflection, but now every time I put them on I take them right back off and put on a skirt. I would think it’s just me, but suddenly no one is really looking great in shorts. What is it about shorts that look so terrible? Pants look fine. But if you cut off a flattering pair of pants, I think they would suddenly be unflattering. Why?

Ok, and along the same lines, I keep seeing women wearing jeans that are cuffed to be capri pants, and it looks really cute. Do you need special jeans to do this, or can you do it with your regular jeans? Will it work with my flare legs? (Ok, I realize I could just put on my jeans and try this myself, but I figured you all would have some words of wisdom.) How big should the cuff be?

Thank you.


My first finished knitting in more than four years

July 31, 2009

Well, my recent dive back into knitting has produced its first finished object: a scarf made out of Patons Pooch.

It’s pretty fuzzy and cuddly. Zuzu picks it up and holds it while sucking her thumb if her blankie is unavailable. Henry has been wearing it as a belt. I started this scarf years ago, and I remember buying the yarn, but I’m not sure what exactly my mindset was. I mean, it’s nice, I guess, but it kind of looks like Muppet vomit. Were scarves like this trendy a few years ago? I’m having a vague memory of a fuzzy scarf craze a few winters ago when I started this scarf. Patons Pooch is now discontinued, which says: a) I started knitting this scarf in 1843, and b) no one liked this yarn so they stopped making it.

So there’s the scarf. I’m sorry, what? Why is Eli wearing a dress? Because they were playing castle and someone needed to be queen. Sheesh, do you even need to ask?



Your Weekly Zuzu

July 18, 2009

Here’s Zuzu wearing my new favorite shirt on her. It just says “purple” and is from Nina and Tom. It’s a nice simple shirt in the self explanatory category of baby shirtage (though it’s the sort of thing that’s simple on a baby but would be all ironic on a grownup). I got it from the sale rack at Butterfly Baby.


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Etsy: Veldie’s Remakes

June 21, 2009

Ack! Have I really not recommended Veldie’s Remakes yet? A cowboy shirt from her shop was the first thing I ordered off of Etsy. It was supposed to be for Henry, but Eli wasn’t going to let that happen. He adopted the shirt for himself and probaby wears it every three days. The woman behind the shirts lives in Portland, and I actually got to meet her, and you’ll be happy to know that she’s superduper nice. She’s got a bunch of fun things in her shop, but mostly I love the cowboy shirts and the “gas” onesies for babies, because, c’mon, that’s funny. Though I also love the vintage sunflower curtains.



REI Paddler Hat

June 19, 2009

I do try my best to apply sunscreen, but honestly it’s mostly like trying to grease a cat. So thank goodness for hats. I think what I really want is some kind of kiddie sombrero, but, barring that, our hat of choice is the REI Paddler Hat, which is so great that every time we go out strangers stop me and ask where I got them. It has a super-wide brim, nice ventilation on the crown, and it floats, though honestly we’ve never used that feature. It must be a comfortable hat, because Henry often wears his all day long. We’ve got three of them. I see they also have a girl version, though for some reason it doesn’t have the same big ventilation on the crown, and has daisies on it, so just get the cooler-looking blue for your girl. Not everything your girl wears needs to be pink and covered in flowers.



Etsy: Eternally Chic update

June 13, 2009

A few weeks ago, I recommended the gorgeous belts from Eternally Chic. Extremely astute readers may have noticed that my mom offered to get my one for my birthday, even though my birthday was in March, and even though she already got me something awesome.

I’ll spare you the details of my hesitation (not being mothered by your mother at 38, being a grownup enough to buy your own belt, etc.) and just tell you that I got over myself and said yes, please.

A few days ago I received the Instant Babe belt in dark brown. Eternally Chic proprietress extraordinaire Barb is so fabulous she actually included two belt buckles, one like the one in the picture, and one rectangular one with some little sparkles.

Ok, so, yeah, the whole point of this update post here is to say that this belt is just awesome and hip and, if I do say so myself, rockin’. And, hilariously enough, it is the Instant Babe belt. I mean, I may have been a babe before, you know, but the first day I wore it, I went to the grocery store right after dropping Henry off at school, and men were falling all over me. It was crazy. I was wearing my usual jeans-and-black-t-shirt combo, and I did have my boots on, but STILL. Men were STARING. At one point I asked a grocery clerk where the sprinkles were, and three other grocery clerks came running to help me find them. I checked when I got home and I didn’t have a giant booger or butt crack issues or anything. I really think it was the belt.

It definitely went to my head. At one point I was all belt-giddy and some guy was walking super close to my cart, and I thought he was going to comment on my beautiful children as a way to start a conversation with me (he was sort of looking in their direction) (and yes, I was this egotistical at this point, at 9:30 in the morning) and then I snapped out of it and realized he was trying to squeeze around my giant car cart that I had parked haphazardly in front of the dried fruit while I stared aimlessly at the shelves looking for golden raisins.

But if you are in need of a confidence booster, get this belt. You will be strutting all over town.


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Etsy: Milo in Maine

April 19, 2009

My new best friend Liz (let’s pause a moment to give Liz time to take out the restraining order against me…ok, done?) has the best shop at Milo in Maine. She also has an Etsy shop for Milo in Maine where she sells overstocks and sale items, and it’s definitely worth checking out.

This winter I had a brown moss-stitch scarf that I wore daily, indoors, and it was incredibly comfortable and stylish and artsy and also saved me from being all neck cold. Which might seem obvious, but it’s taken me 6 years in Maine to realize that an indoor scarf is a nice thing (and you’d just look pathetic in a big wooly scarf, indoors, you know?).

I am debating the lobster shirt and the jellyfish shirt. Love them. I also love the fish image. Also so very MAINE, you know?



Awesome Goodwill Score

November 19, 2008

I managed to score an Anna Sui for Anthropologie dress, in my size, at our local Goodwill. For $7!! Judging by the closest style currently at Anthropologie, this dress cost somewhere around $250 new. Of course, I won’t actually be able to wear it for about three years, until I finish nursing. If I wore it right now I’d have to completely undress in order to feed Zuzu.

Do you like how I got all Anthropologie here, with the purple embroidered cardigan (also a Goodwill score from last year), and pretending to drink coffee from a bowl? I don’t have any of those funky ankle-strap heels the Anthropologie models are usually sporting, so I Sundanced it up a bit with my boots (alas, not at all a Goodwill score).

And do you think I should maybe be spending a little less time poring over catalogs?


Girl Clothes Conundrums

October 12, 2008

Having a girl is – what? – at least fifty percent about the clothes. Boy clothes are awesome too, and I’ve had a good time dressing them (though why I keep buying tan cords for Henry I have no idea…he seriously has seven pairs; there must be some unresolved tan corduroy pant issue from my own childhood). The girl clothes are pretty darn delectable though, with those little striped tights and sweaters with appliqu├ęd flowers and whatnot. I did not, however, get that pamphlet called “What to Know About Girl Baby Clothes.” Someone sent me a dress for Zuzu and my first thought was, “What a crazy long shirt this is!”

Last week I put her in a cute little dress. I even put her in tights and little Mary Jane shoes and everything, making me feel very accomplished in the ways of girl dressing (though I need to take Tightsing Your Infant 101 – it’s not easy). And then, that night, when I was getting her undressed and into her pajamas, I noticed a funny thing up in her dress, and there were the little matching bloomers still attached underneath the dress with the plastic connectors. Poor girl, spent the day with bloomers stuck up under her dress! (Thanks to Sutswana, mother of two girls, for introducing me to the word “bloomers” so I didn’t have to call them “cute little matching underpants” anymore.) Now I know, at least, to look for the bloomers under the giant t-shirts dresses.



Etsy: Circular Accessories

October 11, 2008

This is in no way a secret Etsy find: Circular Accessories is one of the most popular shops on Etsy. I have to mention it though, because whenever the boys wear their owl shirts*, people stop me to ask where I got them. Her designs are beautiful, all of her shirts are from American Apparel, and she just seems to be one of those lovely, incredibly nice people. I will say to order a size much bigger than you think you need (for the kid clothing, at least). I got Henry a 6 and Eli a 4, and they just fit them now.

*link is to an adult shirt with the same graphic, she doesn’t seem to have a children’s owl shirt going on right now


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