Sleepy Bunny to the Rescue

August 24, 2011

Once upon a time, there was a tired baby. Or a cranky baby. Or whining baby. And she received the gift of a soft, floppy, lavender-filled bunny. And that bunny brought such immediate unmistakable relief to the baby. Something about this bunny, I tell you, resonates deeply with children. Ramona will be crying, and then, just to get the bunny in her hand, she will sigh deeply, suck on her finger, and lean contentedly on my shoulder.

Once upon a time, we went camping, and, somehow, while camping, we lost Sleepy Bunny. The following week was sad and tragic, as we searched and searched, and Ramona slept fitfully, always wanting Bunny. I had guilty visions of the poor bunny lost in the woods. And so dear Susan sent not one bunny, but TWO, and peace was restored. And then! We went camping again, and Dave got in his sleeping bag, and there was Bunny! So then we had three bunnies. And then Zuzu put on the sad puppy eyes and asked for a pink bunny, and Susan is so darned nice she found some pink flannel and made one up. So now we have four bunnies. Which is just the right number really, when you have a baby who calms and sleeps much easier when there’s a bunny in her arms (and when the bunnies have a habit of scooting under pillows and getting lost in the blankets).

For months I have been begging Susan to put the bunnies in her Etsy shop, because they’re such a great baby gift, and the tired babies of the world need their bunnies. And now she finally has! Go check it out!



Christmas Presents I’m Most Excited About

December 18, 2009

Here’s what I’m excited to see the kids open in a week:

I got Zuzu this Penelope Peapod doll, and I have to say it’s adorable. I have been on the fence about getting her a doll; she’s pretty into trucks and things, but she does love to cuddle with stuffed animals like they’re little babies. I took her with me to the toy store and she fell in love with this doll. And with the little basket/purse/bassinet it comes with.

Eli’s getting a giant working crane that he’s going to freak over. I’m also looking forward to his reaction to the motorcycle policeman who comes with a crossing guard stop sign — I think the toy company made the whole thing specifically with Eli in mind (unless, wait, maybe…is it possible Eli is a generic type of kid, and there are legions of children who love motorcycles, policemen, and crossing guard stop signs?).

Henry is going to go nuts over the dinosaur sticker encyclopedia he’s getting. He has the animal version, and it gets daily use. I think he’s also going to love the Enchanted Forest game, which he played with for a good solid hour once at Maple’s Organics.

I’m also psyched about the vintage copy of A Hole is to Dig. Thanks, Vintage Children’s Books My Kid Loves (or, well, thanks to her Etsy shop).

Things I got for free or super cheap (hurrah!):

A Leave No Trace game, 99 cents from Goodwill. This is from the same company that makes Rush Hour (we have Rush Hour Jr.), which all the kids love (though I’m not sure they’ve ever played it the proper way). Evil Mom Thoughts: “It’s a one-person game, which means I don’t have to deal with it.”

Wooden Noah’s Ark toy from Freecycle. I actually got this a few years ago, and then had reservations about introducing something with so many scatter-able parts. But it’s been in the closet for too long, and it’s time to bring it out.

A giant stack of wild animal cards, free from the library. Henry has a half-filled notebook of these, thanks to my mom’s library. In the same way the motorcycle cop is tailor-made for Eli, these are tailor-made for Henry. Animals + organization + animal facts + maps = Henry heaven. I seriously think that, once he opens this, he may not get to any other presents for the rest of the day.

I’m also looking forward to the Shins and Decemberists CDs I got for Dave.


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Etsy: Veldie’s Remakes

June 21, 2009

Ack! Have I really not recommended Veldie’s Remakes yet? A cowboy shirt from her shop was the first thing I ordered off of Etsy. It was supposed to be for Henry, but Eli wasn’t going to let that happen. He adopted the shirt for himself and probaby wears it every three days. The woman behind the shirts lives in Portland, and I actually got to meet her, and you’ll be happy to know that she’s superduper nice. She’s got a bunch of fun things in her shop, but mostly I love the cowboy shirts and the “gas” onesies for babies, because, c’mon, that’s funny. Though I also love the vintage sunflower curtains.



Etsy: Eternally Chic update

June 13, 2009

A few weeks ago, I recommended the gorgeous belts from Eternally Chic. Extremely astute readers may have noticed that my mom offered to get my one for my birthday, even though my birthday was in March, and even though she already got me something awesome.

I’ll spare you the details of my hesitation (not being mothered by your mother at 38, being a grownup enough to buy your own belt, etc.) and just tell you that I got over myself and said yes, please.

A few days ago I received the Instant Babe belt in dark brown. Eternally Chic proprietress extraordinaire Barb is so fabulous she actually included two belt buckles, one like the one in the picture, and one rectangular one with some little sparkles.

Ok, so, yeah, the whole point of this update post here is to say that this belt is just awesome and hip and, if I do say so myself, rockin’. And, hilariously enough, it is the Instant Babe belt. I mean, I may have been a babe before, you know, but the first day I wore it, I went to the grocery store right after dropping Henry off at school, and men were falling all over me. It was crazy. I was wearing my usual jeans-and-black-t-shirt combo, and I did have my boots on, but STILL. Men were STARING. At one point I asked a grocery clerk where the sprinkles were, and three other grocery clerks came running to help me find them. I checked when I got home and I didn’t have a giant booger or butt crack issues or anything. I really think it was the belt.

It definitely went to my head. At one point I was all belt-giddy and some guy was walking super close to my cart, and I thought he was going to comment on my beautiful children as a way to start a conversation with me (he was sort of looking in their direction) (and yes, I was this egotistical at this point, at 9:30 in the morning) and then I snapped out of it and realized he was trying to squeeze around my giant car cart that I had parked haphazardly in front of the dried fruit while I stared aimlessly at the shelves looking for golden raisins.

But if you are in need of a confidence booster, get this belt. You will be strutting all over town.


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Etsy: Milimbo

June 7, 2009

Small Magazine had a quick bit on Milimbo, who makes graphically simple and very beautiful children’s books and prints. I don’t know if Milimbo is a man or a woman (or a collective), but they are based in Spain. The children’s books are wordless versions of common stories (so there’s no language barrier), like Little Red Riding Hood and Hansel and Gretel. I love childrens’ books that are works of art all on their own.


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Etsy: Eternally Chic

May 24, 2009

Oh my goodness, I just love that there are people on Etsy who are tooling leather belts, and especially that Eternally Chic is doing them in these gorgeous 1970s designs that I seriously think I’ve been searching for in thrift shops for roughly my entire life. I am in love with these belts. (What is wrong with me that I’m in love with belts?) They are fairly pricey ($99 for the butterfly one on the left above) but she is, you know, hand tooling a leather belt, which I’m sure you can’t crank out in 20 minutes or anything. Check out the belt above on the right, also, which is a kid’s belt — how great is that? I love these.


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Etsy Shop Re-opening

May 22, 2009

All my shirts are now back home after their brief vacation in the Rise Gallery Wearable Art Show (where, thankfully, a few of them did find new homes). And so now I’m actually working to get every last shirt in my inventory up in my Etsy shop. Hurray! Huge huge thanks to my family (Dave, Henry, Eli, and Zuzu have all been forced to model) and also most especially to Stacey for running over here to model in exchange for a loaf of homemade oatmeal maple bread.


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Etsy: Milo in Maine

April 19, 2009

My new best friend Liz (let’s pause a moment to give Liz time to take out the restraining order against me…ok, done?) has the best shop at Milo in Maine. She also has an Etsy shop for Milo in Maine where she sells overstocks and sale items, and it’s definitely worth checking out.

This winter I had a brown moss-stitch scarf that I wore daily, indoors, and it was incredibly comfortable and stylish and artsy and also saved me from being all neck cold. Which might seem obvious, but it’s taken me 6 years in Maine to realize that an indoor scarf is a nice thing (and you’d just look pathetic in a big wooly scarf, indoors, you know?).

I am debating the lobster shirt and the jellyfish shirt. Love them. I also love the fish image. Also so very MAINE, you know?



Etsy: Blackbird Letterpress

April 12, 2009

I am a total sucker for letterpress cards and prints. I love the way you can actually feel the image, and I’m such a sucker for the whole retro thing. You’ve got to go check out the cards and things at Blackbird Letterpress (which also speaks to my love of all things Bird). I’m especially enamored with the flags; I want to get some for every room (not that I’m going to do this, but it’s a fantasy). There are some excellent moleskin notebooks, beautiful cards (love the library lady shown above), and the cutest mini notebooks ever. But really it’s the flags that have me in a tizzy.



Etsy: Evelyn Fields

March 15, 2009

I am still completely in love with the little fabric baggies I got from Gnomeclothes for putting food into Henry’s lunch. There have been a few times when they’re all in the wash or in his snack bin at school, though. I’m not quite ready to get more just yet, but when I do, I’ve got my eye on the Le Petit Sandwich Bags from Evelyn Fields. They’re the perfect size, and I love those little fruits stitched on to there. I like that she offers them in bunches of different amounts, so you can get however many you need. She also has some larger sandwich bags, but Henry doesn’t really eat sandwiches for lunch (like mother like son), and my experience so far tells me that we use the little bags most of all.


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