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July 29, 2013

The Portland Press Herald has a great story about Little Free Libraries in Maine — including ours. Read it here. (Also, see a photo that shows what we look like from a bird’s point of view.)

I wrote a blog post for Tara Lazar about how Picture Book Idea Month led to my success at a writer.

When Mr. Schu came to visit a few weeks ago (on the day the Snappsy book deal was announced!), he recorded our visit using Vines.



Happy Summer!

June 21, 2013

I never really liked summer until we moved to Maine. It was always so sweaty before. But now it’s when the weather is perfect and everything is green and bursting.

practicing the long jump | World of JulieEveryone is home! Though this is not our home. It’s the high school track. The boys took track this spring and want to keep up with it, so we’ve been running here and they practice long jumps.

tiny apples | World of JulieDo you see them on there? All the tiny apples? Last year we had maybe 20 apples; so far this year looks like over 100.

Little Free Library | World of Julie

The Little Free Library is bursting, too. If someone doesn’t come take out some books soon, I’m going to have to do some serious weeding.

ripening cherries | World of Julie

Almost ripe cherries.

mountain laurel | World of Julie

This is a mountain laurel, which I forget about every year, until it suddenly does THIS.

ripening blueberries | World of Julie

Blueberries! (Well, greenberries right now, but they’ll be blue in a month.)

hops/beanstalk | World of Julie

Our hops vine is…well, frankly, it’s scaring me. This thing grows several feet a day and I couldn’t really take a photo of it because it reaches so far into the sky that you can’t see the top of it. Notice also how I am too frightened to get close to it, but have no qualms about placing my dear daughters next to it, for perspective. I made sure they jumped away before they were either woven into its vines, or started to climb the thing in the hope of finding a giant to slay.



Little Free Library in the Snow

December 19, 2012

I am still so excited about our Little Free Library. It’s been over four months, and I still sigh contentedly whenever I see it. Plus it’s looking extra festively adorable right now.

Little Free Library in the snow | World of Julie



Little Free Library in the News!

September 25, 2012

Our Little Free Library has been getting some press!

Telly Halkias wrote an opinion piece in the Portland Press Herald.

The local free paper, The Sentry, featured us in a great article.

And the fabulous Carter Higgins wrote about us on Design Mom!

Thanks so much to all our supporters! Stop on by and I’ll hook you up with a book!



The Little Free Library is a week old

August 27, 2012

First I want to tell you about how happy I still am about our Little Free Library. You know, you have this idea in your head, and it seems like a great idea, and then you make your idea, and put it out there, and then there’s that panic, the feeling that maybe it was a huge mistake (is it just me? that cycle of thought happens about 100 times a day for me). So we put up the Little Free Library, and…

It has been awesome!

The first day there was almost a 75 percent turnover in books. Books were flying in and out of there. It was so fabulously gratifying. These have been my most favorite exchanges:

  • Two 8-year-old girls, riding by on their bikes, who stopped and said, “Let’s play bookstore, and pretend this is a bookstore where we can get books!”
  • An 8-year-old boy running (RUNNING) to the Little Free Library first thing in the morning, flinging open the door, and taking out a book, saying, “Phew! It’s still here! I had to get it before anyone else did!”
  • Best of all: the 12-year-old boy who declared, “I don’t like reading” when I told him he could take a book, who then, the next day, came back and took out “The Way Things Work, Volume 2”  (not the David Macauley one, but this vintagey thing we had kicking around), declared, “I found a book I like!” and then held it to his chest like he’d found treasure.



Little Free Library

August 20, 2012

Do you know about Little Free Library? The first time I heard about it, I had an immediate dream to have a Little Free Library of my own. The problem is that we have a house we’re constantly tearing apart, and four kids hanging from us needing some sort of parenting, and all those other life things, and taking the time out to make a little wooden box we’d fill with books seemed sort of frivolous. So I never mentioned it.

Then one day Dave and I were talking about community, and giving back, and teaching the kids about service, and suddenly I was rambling on, and on, about Little Free Libraries and how they embody all of my favorite notions of service: literacy, serving your immediate neighborhood, and fun and surprises where you don’t expect them (ok, I don’t think that last one is really a legitimate “notion of service,” but it’s one of my favorite things about life).

And Dave, wonder that he is, thought it was a great idea and started helping me build one the next day. We were able to use leftover shingles so it matches our house. We involved the kids as much as could in the design and building. And of course we had to put in a light — we get a lot of late-night dog walkers, and I wanted them to be able to pick books at midnight. (Another dream I didn’t know I had: the desire to give late-night dog walkers a way to choose books in the dark.)

I am so happy and proud about this. I’ve been spending a lot of time staring at the Little Free Library, hand over my heart, and sighing.

Plus it’s my first library job! I’ve got to put that MLS to use sometime!

Little Free Library | World of Julie

Little Free Library | World of Julie

Little Free Library | World of Julie

Little Free Library inside sticker | World of Julie

Here’s the sticker we designed for the inside. We made it so it looks like a library card in a pocket, but it’s got our address, and, under date due, says, “WHENEVER.”

Little Free Library at night | World of Julie

The Library at night.

If you’re in South Portland, stop on by! Little Free Library #2354 open and ready for reading!

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