April is Poetry Month! Also: ravens.

April 1, 2013

Here’s a confession: I love reading (you knew that already), but I’m on the fence about poetry. Sometimes I…well, I don’t know what it’s talking about. I do love rhyming kid poetry, but I feel like I’m supposed to love esoteric non-rhyming poems about fields of wheat also.

I haven’t told my kids about this. I don’t want them to think it’s not cool to love wheat poems. Like I talked about a few months ago on Nerdy Book Club, sometimes I hand them books I think they’ll like and walk away.

It seems to be working. Last week Henry got a bright look in his eye, grabbed a pen, and churned out this thing:

Henry's poem Ravens in the WoodsThis poem I like. I want to hug it, even though it’s not a particularly huggable poem (also: paper is not very cuddly). This poem is the sum total of feeding your 4th grader a steady diet of books that he enjoys.

And yes, it’s bragging, but I’m super proud that he wrote this.

Happy poetry month, everyone!


So loud you can’t hear it

January 8, 2013

bullet points

I found this list while I was cleaning today. My thoughts (other than: Henry needs to work on his handwriting) are that there is a quiet poeticism going on in my 9-year-old that I only find out about when I find discarded papers under the couch. Secret poetic tidbits.


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Piggy Bunny, Adam Rex, PiBoIdMo, and my knee

November 8, 2012

Did you catch my review of Piggy Bunny on Brain Burps last week? You’ve got to read this book. If anything because it has now inserted the phrase, “This is a problem that’s called fixable” into our lives. Ok, reading that sentence, that doesn’t sound that earth-shattering. But once you read the book, you’ll see how great that phrase is. C’mon: it’s a pig who wants to be the Easter Bunny! Even though his family doesn’t even believe in the Easter Bunny! You can hear my review on Episode 118, here.

What else? On Halloween Adam Rex, Genius, had a Twitter contest to write a Halloween poem that fits in a tweet (140 characters). In a fit of chocolate-fueled madness I wrote a few, and tweeted the best one. And: I won! Or, well, was a runner up. We’re getting two signed Adam Rex books as a prize! The kids were super psyched. I’m totally thrilled, even though one of the books, Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich, is the earwormiest book that ever did earworm (meaning, you’ll get songs stuck in your head for days). I’m still so completely giddy over this win.

And congratulations to my pal Carter Higgins, who was also a runner up! (And make sure you check out Carter’s astoundingly awesome trailer for Picture Book Month, which is also happening right now in November and you should go play around on the Picture Book Month website for a few hours right now.)

November is the month for Tara Lazar’s PiBoIdMo (Picture Book Idea Month). I participated last year, and I got a huge batch of ideas. My favorite part is how the whole idea of writing down one book idea a day primes me to see ideas everywhere. I got a dedicated PiBoIdMo notebook this year, so I’m hoping I can keep that inspired-by-the-world vibe going way past November, and fill that notebook.

Ok, last thing, for now: knee. Getting better. I can almost walk like a normal person. Though I still go up and down stairs like a toddler (one step, one step, one step, one step). However, I got yelled at by a physical therapist because my knee is not as straight as it should be by now. Scary. Like, if I don’t get it straighter asap, it’ll NEVER BE STRAIGHT AGAIN. Yikes. Never mind the fact that I can’t bend it very much either. But straight is more important at this point. So I work a lot on getting it straight, which, frankly, hurts like the dickens.



Poetry Month Happenings

April 3, 2012

First, I love that Portland changed the Time & Temperature building message for National Poetry Month.

Of course, because of space limitations, it sort of reads like Cookie Monster yelling at you, but still, it made me smile.

Second, the boys were so inspired by Alan Katz’s video on Katie Davis’s blog (though they have also been on kind of an Alan Katz kick lately anyway, but the video gave them a push). Here’s Henry’s Alan-Katzian poem:

He said he spelled Crash with a K because “it’s more sound effecty.” (If you can’t tell what’s going on in the poem/picture: the boy has sawn the house to bits, including, as Henry told me with a mite more enthusiasm than I was comfortable with: “Sawing off the banister and spindles and using that as a ladder!”)

Eli’s poem isn’t written down yet, but he’s repeated it 50 billion times, so I have memorized it and can tell you what it is:

My mom went bananas,
My dad blew his stack,
Because I threw my baseball
At his new Cadillac.

Happy Poetry Month!

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