Thinking about possibly one day acquiring some kind of updated music format

So today I was lamenting how trashed all our kids CDs are (scratched and skipping), but also how much the kids love playing CDs, and how much better it is that they can skip from song to song, versus our minivan situation, which involves me fast forwarding or rewinding through cassette tapes to get to the requested song, while driving (yes, yes, I know, I should just tell them to be quiet and listen, that they’re lucky they get to hear anything at all, but sometimes I give in).

And I actually had this thought: “CDs are so great, so much easier for kids than cassettes or vinyl, I guess that’s why music hasn’t progressed past that at all. I wonder what the next format will be.” And then I was embarrassed, even though I was all by myself and these thoughts were in my own head. Where have I been? Um, yeah, I think there’s something newer out there, Julie.

So my question is, what format do you have for your kids’ music? Do you still have CDs? I often will download songs for them, and then I have to burn them on a CD, because we don’t have an MP3 player (which is why I forgot they exist). But is there some kind of giant, child-friendly MP3 player that I could put all their music on, and they could find the songs they want to listen to without help? Does everyone except for me skip the CD burn entirely, and just plug their MP3 player into some kind of speaker system? Thoughts, please!

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