Transported to Utah via Target

Why, it was just yesterday that I was talking about pretend catalog shoots, and then a little trip to Target sent me right down that road once again. (The Target trip was mostly to get glue for reattaching the M key to my keyboard, which jumped ship, and now is working, if somewhat stickily, thanks to the glue.)

First Eli, who is a bit cowboy-obsessed at the moment, spied a cowboy hat right off, smacked it onto his head, and that was pretty much that. Then, in a random homey section, I got all taken in by a whole display of mismatched floral items, and there before me was suddenly the apron I’ve been dreaming of. Yeah, I know, I could not be more of a suburban housewife if I tried. Dreaming of an apron. Good grief. But anyway, there it was, and yes I know that I’m sure some brilliant Etsy person could probably make me the same thing but what if it wasn’t perfect and I had to try to return this handmade thing? Plus I just never get around to seriously perusing the massive apron listings. And there was my dream apron, in Target, all waiting for me. I’ve had aprons before but they’ve been the sort of classically-shaped kind, which are uncomfortable, and frankly unflattering. And you may have noticed I bake a lot, and every single time I get flour all over me. Plus habitually wipe my hands on my pants.

Well, and anyway, so we got home and suddenly it occured to me that apron + hat = Sundance catalog. So here, for your amusement:

Though in retrospect I should have moved the Boppy pillow from the background. Boppy doesn’t belong in the Sundance catalog. At least it’s the denim cover, which is marginally Sundancey.

And of course you get to see E sporting the hat:

This would be from the Catalog of Eli: squirrels in bucket truck shirt, cowboy hat, plate with waffle leavings.

In other news, if you squint out the window behind Eli, you can see that the snow berm is now to the top of our five-foot fence.

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