Henry in his new vest. Everyone is a pirate.

There’s a week and a half before the official baby due date, but things are definitely Happening down there. The baby’s head is incredibly low, which is apparently unusual for a not-first baby (which makes no sense to me). Her head is so low that when I got checked yesterday, the midwife couldn’t get around the head to reach my cervix to see if I’m dilated at all. I’ll leave you to contemplate whether Unreachable Cervix is a better name for an all-girl punk rock band or as the title of a short story about a woman who travels the globe looking for love in all the wrong places. Or as the name of a particularly grueling hiking trail (“the Unreachable Cervix Trail is the straightest way to the summit, but the Western Boulder Trail is a lot more manageable”).

Every one of the midwives I’ve talked to in the last few days has gotten a serious and slightly alarmed look in her eye, and emphasized that, if I think I’m in labor, I need to go to the hospital Right Away, because things are going to be quick (not one has said “are likely to be quick” — they’ve all spoken pretty definitely). One even said, “If you have to wait around at all for childcare, don’t. Just bring the kids with you. Otherwise you won’t make it.” So I’ve kind of been preparing mentally to have the baby on the front steps/in the car/in the hospital lobby/while standing at the nurse’s station checking in.

In only semi-related news, I’ve been knitting a lot. Turning off the computer plus not being able to bend over to clean the house (well, not bend over and breathe at the same time) has given me a lot of time to sit and knit. I finished a vest that I started for Henry months ago. You can kind of see it in this photo. He wanted a golden vest. I used some local wool from Romney Ridge Farm, which is very soft and springy and cozy and has some really nice variegation. I made my own pattern using The Knitter’s Book of Handy Patterns. He wore it almost every day until it started to get too warm. I also knit a tomato hat for the baby (I had the yarn from making a strawberry hat in the past, but couldn’t find my pattern, and plus am maybe feeling too tired to deal with putting in the strawberry seeds). I forgot to take a photo before Eli happily stuck the tomato hat in the hospital bag (because we like to add at least one thing a day, thus ensuring the bag will weigh 400 pounds when I go into labor, and also because we’re all deluded about how tiny newborn heads are). And I knit one more thing that’s a present so you’ll hear about it later.

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