We Love Our Firefighters

So. Here is the formula for the Best Day Ever, according to Eli. First, we had a completely normal day. Then, at bedtime, I sent the kids upstairs to get in their pajamas while I cleaned up the dinner dishes. Everyone but Henry ignored me. Henry came downstairs a minute later and said, with only a teensy bit of urgency in his voice, “There’s smoke in our room.”

I ran upstairs. There was, indeed, a bit of smoke in their room, and more than a bit of a smell. It smelled like a match that had been blown out, or maybe melted crayon. Or leaking gas. The mind jumps to conclusions in these situations, and any of those smells seemed possible. I could locate nothing. I opened the window. The smoke dissipated, but the smell remained.

I should mention that Dave, who was actually a firefighter long ago, is out of town. So I did the normal thing, and called the fire department. Long story short, it turned out it was a burned out fluorescent bulb in the overhead light. Huh. Once we figured that out, the firefighters were happy to show the kids all their cool equipment. They also heartily praised our house renovations, which had nothing to do with any potential fire, but made me happy. Seriously, every firefighter I’ve ever met has been the nicest, most awesome person.

Then, of course, I said, “Before you go, we have to take a picture.” They said, “Let’s take it out on the truck!” Ok!

And that, according to Eli, is how to have the Best Day Ever.

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