This week: puppy, videos, readings, and more!

Here’s the weekly news roundup! (Don’t you like how I’m saying that, like that’s a thing I’ve ever done before?)

We got a puppy! Her name is Marlo. She’s from Tennessee and is part black lab part horse? moose? Something big. So far she’s a total dream puppy and mostly likes to hang out getting kibble out of puzzle toys.

Tim made a great video for Brightly where he’s reading¬†Snappsy the Alligator (Did Not Ask to Be in This Book).¬†If you’ve been waiting to hear it in its entirety, now’s your chance (plus Tim does a great job reading it!).

Tim also talked to Papercuts about why he procrastinates.

I did a reading at my local toy store, Treehouse Toys, which was awesome.

And I went to the International Literacy Association conference where this huge line of people (!!!) waited for me to sign their book.

Also I made an alligator dress for the occasion.

Finally, I’m at Kidlit Summer School today, talking about how to get your stories to be fun and surprising with a writing and revision technique I call “the expoding sandwich.”

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