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I love to see the fashion of Mainers as the weather gets warmer. We’re all sick of wearing winter coats, and excited about the possibility of shedding the layers, and sometimes this translates into halter tops and corduroy.

I basically wear the same thing every day. It’s a huge advantage I have as a stay-at-home mom. Sometimes I try to stray and wear some flouncy shirt or something, and then Dave very gently tells me that it looks awful, and I run upstairs and happily retreat to my long-sleeved black t-shirt. Here are the things I’m wearing:

  • Gap long-sleeved “Favorite” t-shirt, in black. I wear these every day in the winter time. I think I have 6 of them. Laundry is generally dictated by how many are left. If one is left, I need to do laundry asap.
  • Gap Flare Stretch jeans. Just the right flare at the leg for balancing thigh girth. I can’t find them on the website; maybe they don’t exist anymore? I also have Long and Lean Jeans, which are close. (I’d better be able to find a replacement for these; I have two pairs, and one pair is nearing tatters.)
  • Athleta Dipper pants. Most flattering pants ever. Mine are black. Sutswana calls them my rock star pants. Perfect combo of stylish and athletic/casual.
  • Smartwool socks. Although they only last a year before they get holes in them, they’re still pretty much all I wear. Seriously, though, you’d think they’d be able to make these socks so they don’t get giant holes after 12 months of wear.
  • Dansko ankle boots, in black. I miraculously got mine off of Freecycle, but I’d wanted them for years, and I probably should have just bought them myself years ago. They look great, are tall enough to manage puddles, and super comfortable. Not great in snow, though. These don’t seem to exist any more. Too bad. They’re great. They’re kind of like the regular Professional clog, but extended up bootward, and with a (nonfunctioning) buckle.
  • In summer, I switch to the Gap “Favorite” t-shirt in the short-sleeved, v-neck version. I have many in black, but also in other colors (blue, brown, red). It is summer, after all.
  • Old Navy skirts. Old Navy pants, in my experience, are designed by a misogynist alien robot. The skirts, though, are perfect: the waist is just right, and the short skirts hit at just the right spot so they are flirty and cute but also totally manageable by a mom in her late 30s (e.g., there is no way they would be mistaken for a belt). I have two in solid colors, and three in excellent prints. I wear these all summer long instead of shorts.
  • Keen Antigua sandals. Waterproof, comfortable, and a toe bumper. Mine are red.
  • Keen Portola sneakers. Dave has always worn these (well, he’s worn them as long as they’ve been around), and I was jealous of how great they look, and finally realized I should just get some myself. Like the Danskos, I don’t know why I waited so long. They go with everything, are comfortable, and funky. Love them. Plus I got them in my favorite green color.

Really, that’s about it. I’m still searching for the perfect cardigan, and the perfect bra. And Smartwools that don’t self-destruct after 12 months.

What are your go-to items?

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