What the belly button says, you must obey

Ok, so some (most) days, at a certain point, I completely run out of ideas. We’re all tired and hungry and cranky and I just don’t know what I’m supposed to do to make everyone happy, because all I want to do is lie down by myself on the living room rug for a while. Usually I just forge ahead and go through the 4:00 to 7:00 hours bit by bit, task by task.

But sometimes I get a jolt of inspiration, and I swear, those divine moments can carry you for days. Last week we were all melting down and I was experiencing my usual supreme annoyance at Eli’s obsession with my belly button. And so, in a fit of Sudden Fun Mom, I drew a face on my belly, using the belly button as the mouth, and made all disciplinary action spout forth from Belly Button Guy.

The kids completely lost it. They thought it was the funniest thing they had ever seen, and, of course, they had to draw on their own bellies.

Eli’s got a bit more elaborate after this photo was taken. Mostly I am in total awe of the amazing ocean scene Henry was able to whip out, upside down, in about 30 seconds. You can see the water, and the octopus with motion lines behind it. There’s a tadpole above his belly button. Here are some quick-moving jellyfish:

It’s all got this James Stevenson feel and I just wish that I could draw with such freedom.

If I could just come up with some idea like this once a week, I think everything would be fine. They’re still cracking up about it (mostly because — ahem! — the marker didn’t really wash off very well), and are still listening to my talking belly button.

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