What? You all are hungry again?

You know what? I don’t like to cook. And when it comes to dinner, I think I downright hate it. This is something I just now figured out. I mean, it’s normal not to like cooking at 5:00 when everyone is hungry and whiny and wrapped around your ankle and randomly sobbing. But I think I might not really like it anyway.

I love baking. Cookies, cupcakes, pie, bread, all that. Love it. I’m not sure I’d want to do it at 5:00, but I do love it.

And I love food, and eating. I’m all on board with that. Give me something with roasted garlic or pumpkin or caramelized onions, or bread, or cheese, or spinach, and I’m rapturous. I can certainly look at a recipe and know if I’ll like it. And I’m a decent cook. I mean, I can follow a recipe and even make some substitutions. But I’m not a particularly intuitive cook. I can’t look into our pantry and come up with some concoction of What’s In The Fridge (despite the fact that we often have a meal called just that). I end up making it all separately. Like, we’ll have kale and chicken sausage, so I’ll make a meal of kale and chicken sausage and corn bread. Which is one of our favorite meals, but it’s not like the ingredients are mixed together or anything. Or, you know, I can do a stir fry of whatever’s in the produce drawer, but it’s not like that takes any special forethought. You just chop everything and saute it in a pan. It’s no wonder that my favorite lunch to serve to guests is Make Your Own Sandwich.

Anyway, like I said, this is something I just really realized, and I’m not sure what to do about it, since I’m the main meal maker. I think I’m also just tired of it. I don’t really hate cooking, not really (I don’t think). It’s just that when you’re cooking for four people with slightly different taste, it gets tiring. And every night, when I’m starting to make dinner, I have this feeling of, “Why am I doing this again? I only just did this yesterday!

The only solution I can think of right now is to alternate between cookies and cornbread for dinner.

And why is it that so many of our dinners and dinner components are brought to you by the letter C? Chicken, chicken nuggets, chili pie, cale (ok, that one doesn’t really work), cornbread, cheese ravioli. And whenever I write a grocery list it ends up being an alliterative ode to B: broccoli/bananas/bread/butter(/milk/eggs). Maybe my whole problem is that I need to explore some other letters of the alphabet.

How do you handle the Dastardly Dinner Hour? How do you serve the varying culinary needs of everyone in your household?

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