Your Weekly Zuzu

July 18, 2009

Here’s Zuzu wearing my new favorite shirt on her. It just says “purple” and is from Nina and Tom. It’s a nice simple shirt in the self explanatory category of baby shirtage (though it’s the sort of thing that’s simple on a baby but would be all ironic on a grownup). I got it from the sale rack at Butterfly Baby.


2 responses to “Your Weekly Zuzu”

  1. Clog says:

    Oh, she gets more beautiful by the moment. I hope I get to see her when I am in Maine on Tuesday!

  2. Christina says:

    I have to get that shirt for Nora! She is starting to talk a lot- and a little while ago she’d say “blue” and try to say “yellow”, etc, but now everything- no matter the color- is just “puurple”. She did say “Zuzu” when she saw this pic- Zuzu should be honored that her name is among Nora’s first 100 words!

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