Zuzu is ONE!

Can you believe it? Wasn’t I just pregnant yesterday? (Let’s take a moment to be so incredibly thankful that I’m not pregnant anymore. There. Ah.)

But here she is, a year later, my Flag Day baby, one year old! Really, it does seem like just two seconds ago when I was telling everyone that yes, I was ten days overdue, and no, I wasn’t going to be induced, and yes, I was fine, and was glad she was taking her time, really, because we hadn’t even set up her crib yet. And then there we were with me in labor and dropping Henry and Eli off at Sutswana’s and thinking I’d see them again in like half an hour because Eli was born in roughly five seconds. But apparently the third kid is the surprise toss-up, labor-wise. Zuzu thought it was maybe more important for Dave and I to have a nice Saturday to ourselves talking about siding (that’s right! I spent part of my labor discussing siding colors with Dave) and kindergarten readiness and food. I also spent a lot of time talking about, “WHEN IS THIS BABY COMING??” but that’s to be expected. And then after nine hours I’d had enough and went like the Mama Cat into the shower and told everyone to get out. Until I was suddenly screaming for everyone to COME BACK NOW and what seemed like thirty people ran in just in time to catch Zuzu, born in the shower. My very slippery surprise water birth girlie.

And yes, well, as you know, she is my only girl after two boys. And so on her birthday I give you some new photos of her with my funny girl hairdo experimentations. I am excited to play with her hair, but she doesn’t have much, and frankly I’m not sure what I’m doing yet.

Ignore the peanut butter ball bit on her lip. Doesn’t she look like Jean Seberg?

And here’s the look we’re all just calling “the fountain.” It’s a tad Ed Grimley (including her facial expression), but it sure does illicit lots of comments when we go out.

Sutswana commented that she likes that Zuzu doesn’t curl her fingers around when she sucks her thumb. I think it’s because she’s been anticipating The Fountain. So it’s like the directive is: Ponytail: UP! Back of hair: UP! Fingers: UP!

Happy birthday, Zu!

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