Zuzu is the tallest

Zuzu is really starting to express herself. If she wants something, she definitely lets us know. A few days ago, she really wanted to sit in one of our dining room chairs. Dave and I kept wanting to go somewhere else, so we’d take her out of the chair, and she’d scream and point until we put her back in. So we just started moving the chair around to whatever room we wanted to be in. She was so happy in it.

This video was supposed to be about typical Zuzu, but it ended up being about typical Eli (which will probably be a theme of Zuzu’s life, somehow). Make sure you listen for Eli’s “banana seat” reference, which proves that Dave and I speak almost exclusively in 1970s jargon. Next week: Henry talks about putting on bell bottoms and listening to some 8-tracks.

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  1. Clog July 3, 2009 at 6:57 am

    I was sure the boy coming in the back door and chatting about a rabbit in a cage was Henry!

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