70s Craft Revival: God’s Eye Weaving

by | Mar 18, 2010 | activities, crafts | 5 comments

A few Sundays ago, Henry suddenly looked up from his close examination of my childhood copy of Steven Caney’s Playbook and announced, “I want to try God’s Eye weaving.” Well, he was just lucky enough to catch me in a good mood, and to want to do a craft we had all the supplies for (sticks from outside + yarn). This was definitely the type of craft that required frequent parental intervention (mainly when adding a new yarn color) but both boys could do the weaving part all by themselves (though it took poor lefty Eli a lot longer, because we kept showing him how to do it right-handed…once he started doing it left-handed he did a much better job).

I’m sure you all did this during the long summer of 1978 or thereabouts. The how-to part will come right back to you (basically: get two sticks, make an x with them, secure the x with yarn, wrap the yarn around and over each stick). The boys were super proud of their creations, and Eli hung his over his bed to keep away evil spirits (though Dave and I were slightly concerned that the God’s Eye was going to fall on Eli in the middle of the night) (but apparently the good spirits have thus far prevented that from happening).

Notice Eli’s bed? And the nice setup? (And make sure you notice the awesome painting by our fabulous neighbor Brian.) More tomorrow on how this particular little haven is soon to go away.


  1. Kaia

    Oh man, that’s a blast from Girl Scouts past! Or how ’bout lanyards!!!

  2. Julie

    I know, Kaia! I think next we’ll do some Spirograph and SpinArt.

  3. Elizabeth

    Adam S. and I revived the God’s Eye thing in college – totally his idea, of course. We even dyed our yarn with natural ingredients. We used onion skins and blueberries and sticks, I think. We took photos of us wearing them around our necks, but I may have destroyed said photos because it was one of those really humid Carlisle days and with our porous wavy/curly hair, it wasn’t pretty. I think I had an acne flare-up, too. Ah, memories!

  4. Julie

    Elizabeth, I love that. The whole thing. I can totally picture you guys doing that, and I love the curly hair/humidity thing too. We had so much TIME in college!

  5. Elizabeth

    Ah, yes. Time. I remember free time…


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