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Ok, so I’ve been slowly switching to stainless steel water bottles, but after reading this article in Self Magazine, I’m getting rid of all our plastic bottles, especially our plastic sippy cups. It didn’t help that I read the article right after our 82-year-old neighbor came over and casually told me about all the children in her family that have died of various cancers. I stood there fairly horrified, Zuzu in my arms, until finally she looked up and said, “Oh! Well, I probably shouldn’t be telling you all this!” I have enough problems with fatalistic worries; I don’t need any help. But I did just order four more Klean Kanteens with sippy lids. I’m hoping the sippy lids are at least quieter than the sport tops, which sound like the mating call of the Ruby Breasted Warbler.

Now the question is…do I recycle the old sippies, or Freecycle them? I can’t figure out which is worse karma.


  1. Clog

    I think you should call/write Klean Kanteens about their noisy sippy lids. Maybe they will send you a carton. It is very annoying.
    And oh darn I have to throw away my yoga sippy cup? Isn’t that hard plastic OK?

  2. Julie

    No, the hard plastic is the problem. As is the soft plastic. The hard plastic has BPA, the soft plastic has lead. I just chucked a bunch of plastic teething toys because I don’t think at this point I could stomach watching Zuzu chew on them.

  3. Anne

    Are you using Playtex sippy cups? Those are BPA-free.

  4. Julie

    Oh! I didn’t know! All Playtex cups? That’s great! That solves a lot of problems. Thank you!

  5. Kate

    Well, MOST all of the Playtex cups are BPA-free. If you go to their website they have a whole section that tells you which ones are which. I went through this whole panic a while back and checked it out. That doesn’t mean that I won’t still switch over to stainless, but at least the Playtex option is there if you need it.

  6. Julie

    So now I think our sippy cups are safe, but I realized the little plastic drinking cups that the boys use have got to have BPA in them, so I got rid of those. I think the little plastic bowls they sometimes use are ok, but I’m going to look for more little glasses and bowls at Goodwill so I can use the plastic stuff less.


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