Awesome Side-of-the-Road Find

by | Sep 30, 2008 | housekeeping, Parenting | 6 comments

Hurrah! By some miracle of the Junk Gods, I pretty much found exactly what I’ve been looking for, for free, on the side of the road. We were on our way back from getting some Freecycled kale (kale! who knew people Freecycled kale? apparently there is such a thing as a free lunch), and saw a whole line of school desks on the side of the road, in front of an old school. I have been stopping by Goodwill about twice a week looking for something to work as an art table in the boys’ room, and lo, here were about ten art tables (in a sense), for free. I got four, thinking I can configure them into a square. And I love that they come with the built-in storage, since what’s an art table without space for paper and markers? They looked much better after I hosed them off, and they do need a scrubbing with some steel wool, and maybe some paint on the legs if I get really ambitious. You can see that Eli helped himself to two little chairs, which we do probably need in case a friend comes over. Now maybe our dining room table will be a lot easier to clear every night.


  1. Beth

    I think I sat at desks like those back at Lily Lake Grade School. Are they metal or wood? There should be some good graffiti on top, too…a scratched in picture of a spiderweb and someone’s name, for example…and I’ll bet they smell like bubblegum inside.

  2. Stacey

    We have tons of free kale too! Come by and help yourself to it in the side raised bed. Any time. Also, loads of hot peppers.

  3. admin

    The desks are mostly metal, but the tops are wood. I love that one of them (it’s the one on the right in the picture) has white paint spilled all over it. You can just imagine the teacher saying, “Billy, be careful. Billy! Watch out — ohhhhhhh.”

    Stacey, hurray! I’m totally going to come by for more kale. Thank you! (Your kale is better than the Freecycled kale, if you must know, though I’ll take my free kale where I can get it.)

  4. Anne

    OK, I’m totally envious of this find. I’ve been thinking that an old school desk (as well as an old-school desk) would be perfect for Sam.

    Of course, I had also been thinking that a Little Tykes coupe and basketball hoop would be perfect for Sam, and I DID find those by the side of the road for free…

  5. admin

    Does anyone even buy a new Little Tykes coupe anymore? I think there are really a limited number of them, and they really just get traded back and forth through yard sales and roadsides.

  6. wanda collins

    thats great that you found those on the side of the road, my son found me 2 beautiful lamps and porch furnniture… other peoples trash is treasures for some one else …



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