Bloggers are everywhere. Or are they?

by | Nov 1, 2008 | thirty second post | 0 comments

Last weekend when we were walking around Portland, I noticed what seemed like an unusual number of people taking photos. I thought it seemed a little late for tourists, and besides, the people were taking photos of things like a leaf on a tree, or an architectural detail, and I think tourists would be more likely to take photos of whole buildings, or some scene with their friends in it.

But you know what — I think they were BLOGGERS. Don’t you think? They were all actually fairly young (20s, I’d say). And I bet they were bloggers who take their cameras with them everywhere and are constantly on the lookout for some interesting something-or-other they can post about. Maybe the blogging culture will create this whole creative mindset of the future, where people get in the habit of writing every day, and view the world with an artistic eye, wondering, “What here is beautiful?” And maybe they’re out in the world living life and having adventures, to ensure they have something worthwhile to blog about.

Of course, maybe they’re all writing entirely in texting acronyms, and last Sunday I posted a photo from someone’s Flickr pool of the bathroom in JavaNet, so I suppose there’s chance this will all become fairly derivative.


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