A Sofia Special

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Book Cover: A Sofia Special
ISBN: 978-1797219844

Sofia loves to dance, play, and find the fun in every day. But when her school day starts going sideways, Sofia finds it challenging to keep on twirling. With the help of a pretty flower and the guidance of her loving dad, Sofia learns to reframe her "messy mountain of a day" into a sunny and special one that brought a new friend, a chance to be brave, and—best of all—a perfect reason to create a delicious shared moment with someone close to her heart.

A sweet children's book about love, resilience, and the joy of sharing, A Sofia Special Includes a recipe for a very special fruit-filled treat that young readers and their families can make and share together.

A Sofia Special is a partnership with Driscoll's Berries. Check out the Driscoll's book page for a fun read-along video and activities that go along with the book.

Publisher: Chronicle Books