Rick the Rock of Room 214

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Cover of Rick the Rock of Room 214, shows very cute smiling rock with paint on him and a shiny star stuck to his side, he is sitting on a shelf, and there is a paper airplane flying by in the background.
ISBN: 978-1534494640
Size: 8.50 x 11.00 in
Pages: 40

Even rocks have big dreams in this sweet and wacky picture book for fans of Aaron Reynolds and Mac Barnett about a display rock who longs to explore the great outdoors!

Rick is a rock. For as long as he can remember, he’s lived on the Nature Finds shelf in Room 214 alongside an acorn, some moss, and a piece of bark. One day, the teacher shows the class what rocks do outdoors, and Rick is captivated. Exploding out of volcanos? Plunging off cliffs? Now Rick’s determined to get outside—after all, he’s a rock, and rocks are made for adventure.

But when Rick does make his way into the great outdoors, he finds it’s not quite what he imagined—and that sometimes the greatest adventure of all is being a friend.

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Publisher: Simon & Schuster
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A rock wants to rock his world.

Rick, a specimen residing on the Nature Finds shelf in Classroom 214, dreams of life outdoors after hearing the teacher describe the power and importance of rocks in nature. The acorn, the moss, and the bark who sit on the shelf with Rick try to convince him simply to stay with them, but Rick is bored with his sedentary existence; he wants adventures! Cleverly figuring out how to escape life as a mere shelf sitter, Rick finds himself outdoors among others of his kind but soon learns their lot isn’t so hot (though their existence was the result of very hot circumstances—exploding out of volcanos)—nor is it exciting or dangerous. In fact, it’s dull and lonely. Luckily for Rick, a student rescues him, returning him to his shelf and grateful pals. Rick has a rock-solid epiphany: Life in Room 214 is more rewarding than he’d realized. This sweet, gentle tale reinforces for children the reassuring idea that it’s OK to try new things and explore new paths, but it’s equally OK, not to mention comforting and important, to return to familiar territory. The charming digital illustrations, many set in panels, are delightfully expressive and deeply appealing; young readers will appreciate the costumes worn by the inhabitants of the Nature Finds shelf, presumably concocted by the students, who are racially diverse. One child wears a hijab.

This story rocks.