Cherry Shortbread Cookies

by | May 26, 2009 | baking | 0 comments

These cherry shortbread cookies are from a December Rachael Ray Everyday magazine I picked up at the free magazine table at the library. There is a whole spread of holiday cookies (Julie’s motto: who needs a holiday to make holiday cookies?). These cherry shortbread cookies have the tagline “least likely to screw up.” While I was making them I actually had to go back and check to make sure it didn’t actually say “most likely to screw up.” If these are the least likely to screw up out of all the cookie recipes featured, there’s no way I’m trying any of the others. Trying to pat them into a cohesive shape was only slightly easier than trying to pat raw sugar into a cohesive shape. But the boys helped by greedily shoving all the crumbly bits into their mouths, and we managed to get the rest to stick together until we were able to cut out something cookie-like.

I will say that, despite the difficulty in the execution, the final result is delicious. They’d work with cranberries too, I’m sure, though we had a bag of dried cherries from Target, which I think probably give these a much better flavor (the cherries, I mean, not the fact that they were from Target). This is another cookie recipe that only makes 12 cookies, which, again, is probably a good thing.


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