Children’s Book of the Week: 1 Zany Zoo

by | Mar 15, 2010 | Children's Book of the Week | 2 comments

1 Zany Zoo by Lori Degman, illustrated by Colin Jack

We got this book in our box of Cheerios. Lori Degman won some first-time-author, get-your-book-in-a-box-of-Cheerios contest, and here is the result. I feel kind of fancy and in-the-know reviewing a book that hasn’t been released yet (this has also apparently made me addicted to hyphens), but, hey, anyone can go get the Cheerios and get the book.

Anyway! We love this book! It’s totally one that seems to follow some kind of formula for children’s books: rhyming + counting up + zoo + zoo animal stealing zookeepers keys. But it’s somehow different here, and great. And, ok, to be honest, I like this book ok, but the kids really like it. They think it’s outrageously hilarious. There’s one part where the zookeeper shouts, “Get back in your cages!” and I actually have to stop reading at this point because the kids are laughing so hard. Plus I also like the kind of wacky illustrations. Go get it with your breakfast!


  1. Clog

    Of course the hilarity would have nothing to do with the reader’s antics, would it?

  2. Julie

    Henry was the one who read it first, and there may have been some antics, but I think they just think it’s genuinely funny (the rhyme scheme leading up to the “get back to your cages” part seems to particularly tickle them).



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